Commercial agent

We are the actor of your customer development project in Iran.

  • Presenting and negotiating sales contracts in Iran.
    •  Prospecting
    •  Negotiation
    •  Sale
    •  Market Research
    • Technical studies
    • Management of Customer-Supplier relationship
  • Assisting in sales development.
  • Gaining in proficiency of technical products.

Our goal:

having a skilled technical sales team, specializing in the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemistry industry, but also perfectly fit to adapt European brand products sold in Iran.

For highly technical products requiring specific training, it is possible to arrange additional training for our technical sales team within the commissioners company in order to get familiar with the products and brand they will be representing in Iran.

Our strong points:

  • Privileged contacts with distributors and Iranian industrialists.
  • Extensive knowledge of the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemistry industry in Iran.
  • A thorough understanding of the Iranian market.
  • Excellent command of multimedia tools and foreign languages (French, German, English, Persian)
  • A highly qualified technical sales team

Your strong partner in Iran