We facilitate the accomplishment of your export projects in Iran.

  • Simplifying export procedures of European products in Iran.

Iranian import procedures include rules and regulations on import and customs duties, taxes and other aspects. They are subject to frequent changes to the extent that Iran aims to join the WTO.

Present on site and kept informed of these changes, we help simplify the process. Regulations and customs are standardized by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research in Iran (SIRI), which is integrated in the international standards network.

The SIRI is actually a member of the International Organization and Standardization (ISO) and the International Organization of Metrology and the International Electronics Commission.

  • Support in the management and optimization of export-related operations (participation in the compilation of dossiers …).
  • Support for relational and administrative aspects.
  • Agenda management and hotline on site.
  • Identification of target markets in Iran.


  • Supporting companies in their efforts in Iran: market analysis, administrative, regulatory and legal proceedings, help choosing the location in the case of an implementation project in Iran.

Our strong points:

  • Total mastery of communication and negotiation techniques in Iran.
  • Detailed knowledge of the country and its economic environment.
  • Excellent understanding and awareness of regional and cultural complexities.
  • Qualified staff.
  • Headquarters located in the heart of Tehran.
  • A representative at your disposal in France: Foodbiotic
  • Customized support adapted to the needs of commissioners.

Your strong partner in Iran