Benefit from the high demand for European products on the Iranian market.

  • Identify the market and distribution channels adapted to the target products.
  • study, analyze and understand the needs of customers in order to respond with targeted offers.
  • Technical sales expertise of the distributed products.
  • Negotiating sales contracts in Iran, agri-food, dietary supplements, cosmetics and chemicals industry.
    • Prospecting
    • Negotiation
    • Sales
    • Market Research
    • Technical studies
    • Management of Customer-Supplier relationship

Our strong points:

  • A thorough understanding of the Iranian market specificities.
  • Detailed knowledge of the political, economic, linguistic and cultural environment in Iran.
  • Excellent mastery of import procedures in Iran and export procedures in Europe.
  • Frequent analysis of business practices in Iran.
  • An understanding of the Iranian consumer.
  • An extensive network of distributors and sales agents in Iran.

Foodbiotic can offer a tailored service to facilitate procedures related to export to Iran.

Your strong partner in Iran