R & D Partnership / technology transfer

We facilitate the accomplishment of your innovation projects and technology transfer.

  • Contributing to the identification of the most relevant partners.
  • Supporting companies in their product adaptation projects.
    • Putting European companies in contact with R & D laboratories, universities and marketing consulting firms.
    • Monitoring R & D projects according to demand.

Our strong points:

  • An extensive network in Europe and Iran.
  • Skills in the areas of:
    • Food processing: texturizing, flavoring, microbiology, food toxicology.
    • Perfumery and cosmetics: composition, sensory evaluation, physical and chemical analysis.
    • Materials and technology: materials engineering, nanoscience, optical.
    • Agri-environment: plant genetics, soil quality, geochemistry.
    • Health: nutrition.
    • Process: complete manufacturing and packaging lines, development of specific equipment.

Your strong partner in Iran